UV Dryer - Glass

UV Dryer for Perfume Bottles

In contrast to traditional solvent-based inks, the new UV ink technology uses completely new raw materials and reaction mechanism that ensure a faster and more reliable screen printing production process. On closer examination UV technology offers advantages for all concerned.

The most important benefit of UV Technology:

  • Fast drying process
  • High production output
  • Little energy consumption
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Space saving
  • Great design options
  • Scratch-proof
  • Overprintable and overstampable
  • Excellent edge definition
  • Resistant to all major test procedure
  • UV inks have a drying time measured in seconds, which is also known as radical curing. This offers the possibility of printing at speeds that have not been possibl with solvent-based inks. For industrial applications, in particular, much higher cycle times can be achieved on modern, high-speed machines.
    In addition, the use of UV inks permits the perfect reproduction of the print output for subsequent orders.
    Since the ink contains no volatile components and the viscosity does not change (shade shift) a consistent batch print equality can be achieved.
    The fact that the ink does not dry in the screen permits the faultless printing of the smallest details and half-tones. This is a very positive feature for long print runs and multiple elements, in particular.
    These advantages ensure that a positive increase in productivity is possible in many application areas. They ensure improved economic and competitive attributes when dealing with long print run or high throughput (faster processing/packing).
    The unrestricted screen permeability of UV inks is an additional positive argument in favour of these ink systems for screen printer. Downtime is considerably decreased during the printing process.
    The 'absence' of solvent is very user-friendly and is another reason for using UV inks.


    3 Phase 380V-40A (for both lamp together)
    2x Metal Halide Alpha Cure UK
    Speed Adjustable Polyamide Belt

    Equipped with:
  • Emergency Buttons on both sides of the machine
  • Shutter System for lamp life saving
  • Alarm notification with green light for start of work
  • Lamp Cooling Fan, Suction System
  • Entrance Tunnel Width: 60cm
  • Safety Holder at the end of the belt
  • LG inventor motor
  • Comparison

    Ultraglass UVGL
    Glasfarbe GL
    Oven baking (O)
    not necessary
    Chemical Resistance
    Dishwasher Resistance
    Gloss level
    high glass